Friday, December 4, 2009

On Anarchs and the Camarilla

Q. How does the Camarilla at large view Anarchs.

A. I think in all but the extreme cases, it should be tolerance and patience. The Camarilla views the majority of anarchs as angry teenagers and figure that as long as they don't go crazed and cause too many problems, they can wait until the complexities of unlife force them to realize that while less than perfect, the Camarilla does offer the best possible solution.

The bad eggs may make it difficult for the Princes to see that, but the elders usually just sigh quietly and turn their eyes onto the Mortals and their web cams, KJ, Sabbat, Rupines, Independents, Giovanni, the falling US dollar and import to export trade deficit, the Bears in ability to run a defense and making sure that as long as LA is a "barony" they will never have a NFL team.

Q. What's a Bad Egg Anarch? Is that a named Coterie like the DMH or the Shadow Coterie

A. 1- Shadow Coterie is not the name of a coterie. It's a blanket term like "communists" or "liberals"

2 - A Bag Egg Anarch - most anarchs have to the good sense to stop short of random reckless violence (unlike many 6 status titled Kindred). I figure they can do what they want short of blowing things up.

Q. What happens if they blow things up?

A. They have no status. I am happy to have 5 anarchs killed to get to the 6th that actually did it.

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