Monday, November 23, 2009

To genre or not to genre, this is the question...

I wrote an article in portuguese about it and as I was too lazy to translate it, I would like to post a lesser piece of the thought.

In a few words: can we just do anything we want just using the magic words "it was ic" and "it was a PC's action"?

Can we accept the idea that only NPCs have to keep the genre? Is it ST's exclusive job to read the books, genre packets and all that stuff just to let a PC come and do it the other way, freely and without consequences?

Please, stay tuned.


  1. errrr...

    Isn't that what the whole discussion about consequences is about? If something's seriously broken, then the STs should set up consequences. Or, preferably, the other PCs should, if they're aware of it.

  2. Vampire is about enforcing unfair or contradictory rules.
    Vampire is about breaking those rules.
    Vampire is about not getting caught breaking those rules.
    Vampire is about catching others breaking those rules.

    PC or NPC, this is what vampire should be about. It is just as much about sloppy feeding, revealing yourself to mortals, and hiding Caitiff from the scourge as it is about preaching the Six Traditions or fighting the Sabbat.