Monday, October 19, 2009

there's not a lot of control

A lot of the criticism about coords (after the neopotism, poor handling, lack of encyolpedic historical knowledge), is the "Why don't the coords do something?" which is usually followed by the "how dare the coords do something!"

It's a difficult balance, and more often than not, it's responsible for coord burnout and players quitting.

When you know you can escape IC consequences by stonewalling OOC until the coord elections and hoping the other person wins, that's OWbN Genre.

Friday, October 9, 2009

As we head to the elections...

You run the position like it should be run, not like a "I want to be nice to my friends." Instead of playing politics, you play Genre, which is what your job is.
From an IM conversation.

No prop I write is designed to screw anyone. I realize those that do not want to believe that, will not.

There's a reason for a lot of what I do, and there's a reason the PC Archon bylaws are to be placed under "Accepting the Consequences" in the Character bylaws section.

It has always been my position, that characters should be held accountable for their actions, if people seem to think that means I want to punish people OOC for playing, that's depressing but not something I can fix.

All I can do is make sure people play the game, and that includes what happens when their naughty vampire gods get caught.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

State of Elysium 2009

While people like to make accusations that I don't know OWbN genre and or 'know the history', this is what is currently in the org on Elysiums:

From the book:

"The sheriff is immune to the powers of the keeper of Elysium (those conferred by the position, that is, he must still honor the Traditions)"

"The keeper may immediatly remove one permanent status trait from any kindred he catches breaking the Masaquerade. If he does not witness it himself, sufficient evidence must be brought forth. This removal costs the keeper nothing."

He's immune to being stripped for a breach of the Masquerade. It says nothing about Elysium. It also says he still needs to follow the Traditions.

OWbN Genre is genre that has been approved by council.

The 2007 OWbN Camarilla Status Packet:

Keepers of Elysium may remove a Permanent Status Trait from any Kindred they catch breaking the Masquerade within their own city. This removal costs nothing. Many Princes also permit their Keepers to remove a Permanent Status Trait from any Kindred found to be in violation of Elysium, under the Tradition of Domain.

Sheriffs may remove one Permanent Status Trait from anyone who refuses to accompany them for questioning or judgment while they are within their own city. This removal costs nothing. Some Princes use their Sheriffs for additional duties, under the Tradition of Domain.

So, depending on the domain and Prince, the Prince may make the Keeper of Elysium responsible for handling breaches of Elysium.

BUT the "Sheriff" would still need to honor the Traditions and can't break them at will.

The 2003 Conclave:

Elysium is Elysium. Decided there by the players, ratified by council.

Elysium is Elysium. It is more important than the Second Tradition or any of the traditions.

Players decided this IC. It sticks IC.

Then there's the IC announcement form Igor Ctarinov

Citizens of the Camarilla,

Most recently, the Well-Known Prince Jack Sebastien stated:

"At the most recent Conclave that occurred in Northern Virginia, Justicar
Ctarinov mentioned that Archons doing their Feared duty may breach the

This was a statement made by His Enigmatic Excellency that, at the time, he felt was correct. However, if the Exalted Prince Jack Sebastien had taken the time to review the records of the Conclave, he would have noted the following:


2. Is the Second Tradition more important than the
Sanctity of Elysium?


Yea - 38
Nay - 101


It was the will of the attending citizens of the Camarilla that Elysium is sacrosanct and therefore more important than the Second Tradition. His Enigmatic Excellency is not above the law, nor does he make law. He is merely the instrument that the Camarilla utilizes to enforce the law. Therefore, His Enigmatic Excellency and his Archons most wisely abide by the will of the Camarilla, justly ratified by the Inner Circle. Can the same be said for a Prince who willfully blocks the investigations of a Justicar and his duly appointed agents?

To accuse His Enigmatic Excellency of willfully violating Elysium would make him no better than your clanmate, Alexander Townsend. Said criminal did willfully violate the Elysium of Northern Virginia in the name of Her Fury, Justicar Masako. Now, as His Enigmatic Excellency's Sister-In-Service could not have possibly condoned such actions, I am sure that when Alexander Townsend is next seen, justice will be served.

Servant to His Enigmatic Excellency
Justicar Igor Illyovich Ctarinov of Clan Nosferatu.

While I'm a big fan of Stephen Colbert, closing your eyes and ignoring facts you don't want to be true because it's not convenient is how we get bigger problems. This is OWbN Genre, and contrary to what a lot of people think, I care about OWbN Genre and will fight for it and not just ignore it because it's suddenly not fun.