Monday, July 20, 2009

My thoughts on R&U

It's a touchy subject. It was trying to make the best possible decision for an organization that was growing as fast as the internet would allow it.

It is likely one of the most divisive elements in the org because it tells players that they can't play their special snowflake, and the only reason is because the coords are a pox on fun.

It is the R&U List.

This is my idea, based on a suggestion by Mike Lehman on the council list. It is only a suggestion, but I would happily support it as a proposal.

Instead of a long and rambling list that's added too piece by piece, we encourage players to focus more on their concept and their PC and less of the cool powerz/cool clanz.

We create a list depending on genre/splat book and say "This is what is acceptable to play."

Cam genre chronicle uses this list, sabbat genre chronicle uses this list,
Changing Breeds game uses this list, Anarch, this list, KJ, this list so on.

If you want to be 'special' it's a vote on council. Included on the list are reasons why certain clans/bloodlines/disciplines/merits/

If you want to use an NPC, it's notify to the coords. The Coords work with the Storytellers on it, and if one game in South Carolina has a traveling Brujah pretending to be a Ventrue, and a game in North Dakota wants to run a similar plot, then the Coord can coordinate that, and create a little consistency between games.

NPCs would be notify to Coords. STs would be asked to include why they feel they need to use the NPC, how long they plan to use the NPC, and what the NPC will teach their players.

Coords approve the NPC use, most of it would just be bookkeeping and ideally it would be idea sharing. What one game wants to do with a Nagaraga antagonist might work in another game that's asking for some plot ideas.

If the coord says no, it's a vote, and to accomodate games, we can have two levels, one which is the standard policy and the one which is a provisional one-week vote, which would limit the amount the game could do with the NPC, but would allow it to be played if the vote passes.

This would encourage STs to work with the coords on making sure it fits in the shared World of OWbN, and if STs feel that the coords are being too picky, they can take it to council.

This would include demons and demon plots, genre breakers like sect innappropriate paths, and assist in creating a census so that when someone says it's not fair that they can't play an Abomination Hedgemage embraced by a Gargoyle, we can list the reason that there are only supposed to be -1 of those in existence and OWbN has 3, and they need to wait their turn.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Red List

Do not view this as a shopping list.'

Saying "I want my PC to hunt someone on this list, how do I find out who is on it" will likely lead to an unsatisfying and disappointing conclusion of death, or your PC spends x years chasing his own shadow and finds nothing.

Getting on the Red List IC requires one Justicar to say "this person is bad, and I can't deal with it alone," followed by a second Justicar verifying it, and then a unanimous decision from the rest of the Justicars. The Red List can either be the worst of the worst or some poor bastard that said he hated Petronius' book and woke up one evening to find his friends dead and everyone hunting him.

Getting on the Red List OOC is detailed in Section 13 of the Character regulation bylaws.

There are no PC Red Listers.

There are no PC Alastors.

There is no being released from being an Alastor service except for sweet sweet death.

The WW Canon Red Listers are taken from the Kindred Most Wanted, published by White Wolf. Some details and stats may change.

(Names listed in no particular order)
  1. Rabbat
  2. Enkidu
  3. Ossian
  4. Dylan
  5. Ferox
  6. Danya/Alexis
  7. Germaine
  8. Petaniqua
  9. Kemintiri
  10. Jack the Barber*
  11. ** Open Slot, not yet publically announced
  12. ** Open Slot, not yet publically announced
  13. ** Open Slot, not yet publically announced

Those who have been successfully hunted:

  • Tariq - killed by Mme. Guil (she was executed for diablerizing Tariq)
  • Valarius Maior - killed by Victor Schultz
  • Gabriel Camaratta* - killed by Karsh
  • Genina - killed by Lucinde
  • Angelo - killed by Johnny Moto

* (OWbN PC)

Jack Sebastien attempts to capture Jack the Barber outside of Jack's World in Manhattan. Jack the Barber is not amused by Jack Sebastien's clumsy and predictable attempt.